Episode 56: Bitcoin, it's cold outside...
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 56: Bitcoin, it's cold outside...

26 Dec • 1hr 11m
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Show Notes

Pre-show Banter
Some FTX news (, drama ( and Alameda case details here (
Binance money laundering accusations from the US Drug Enforcement Agency Says (
Binance US Agrees to Buy Bankrupt Crypto Lender Voyager's Assets ( for Over $1B
Quadriga Scam bitcoins start moving ( years after founder 'died'
Bitcoin miner Core Scientific filing for bankruptcy, will keep mining ( to make sure no bitcoin miner gets any relief from lower hash
Turns out crypto custodian Nexo, doesn't have to give users their funds ( if they don't want to
Craig Wright, the man who can't prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto, must pay Peter McCormic's legal fees ( even though he 'won' the case with a $1 judgement against McCormic
Lyn Alden's December Newsletter sums up the medium term ( macro outlook of a government debt spiral
Paul Storcz's new drivechain company (
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech Year in Review ( is a year of development in one sitting, must read!
Holiday Recomendations
The Missing Crypto Queen ( is a must listen for bitcoiners and no-coiners alike!
The Dr. Bitcoin Podcast ( tells the Craig Wright story
Pirates of sillicon valley, a great documentary ( about the rise of Apple
Casa is non-custodial, didn't mean to make it sound like a custody product
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28 Dec
Happy Holidays! Peace and Love.
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31 Dec
I agree with the tipping thing, which is why I subscribe to the subscription for a little podcast network called "Jupiter Broadcasting" (y'all should check it out! ;P ) I wish the Podcasting 2.0 spec would come up with a subscription model, like you guys are talking about
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2 Jan
Signal to noise ratio is the term to use.
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26 Dec
Pete does a stellar job at responding to emails, I can say that from experience. all you folks are doing great work the best way you can
5,000 sats
26 Dec
agreed on the tipping thing not being sustainable. I'd recommend looking at the survival podcast for a more sustainable model. I have bought almost nothing from his msb discount list, but it's easy for me to drop 35-50/year and keep listening
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28 Dec
Happy Holidays! Thank you men
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28 Dec
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29 Dec
Hello, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you guys mention the Fold prepaid debit card on the pod before. I just wanted to boost in and see if you guys knew about it? I feel like a used car salesman saying this, but it’s awesome! Ive gotten 1.4 million sats back that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and just by simply buying the things I would have anyway. You can find them on Twitter @fold_app. The best part is the basic membership is free and you get 1% back on any purchase over $3.
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26 Dec
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