1 - Get Your Digital Life in Order

1 - Get Your Digital Life in Order

The Watchman Privacy Podcast

In this first episode Gabriel Custodiet briefly introduces the podcast and examines how minimalism can help you to achieve privacy. He then guides you through a cleansing routine to help get your digital life back in shape. As always, please check out The Watchman Guide to Privacy to support the show and for more information. Many thanks, as usual, to David for lending his voice to the endeavor.


→ https://watchmanprivacy.com (Yes: I offer consulting)
→ https://twitter.com/watchmanprivacy
→ https://escapethetechnocracy.com/

→8829DiYwJ344peEM7SzUspMtgUWKAjGJRHmu4Q6R8kEWMpafiXPPNBkeRBhNPK6sw27urqqMYTWWXZrsX6BLRrj7HiooPAy (Monero)
→https://btcpay0.voltageapp.io/apps/3JDQDSj2rp56KDffH5sSZL19J1Lh/pos (BTC)


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