Episode 48: The Only Story You Need is Bitcoin
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Episode 48: The Only Story You Need is Bitcoin

1 Nov • 54m
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Show Notes

CSW aka Faketoshi must pay hodlnaut's legal fees (
Core Scientific on on bankruptcy watch (
Bitcoin Mining Heat Being Used to Grow Food (
Justice Department report on Digital Assets ( (GOOGLE LINK WARNING),
proposes expanding Civil Forefiture ( to make seizing bitcoin easier
The infrastructure to go after bitcoin holders is being built rapidly (
Amy Castor covers Voyager and Celsius drama ( in her newsletter
Matt Levine's The Only Crypto Story You Need ( is a deeply subversive case for bitcoin that tries to ignore its obvious conclusion
Hanke on the Egyption Pound (, he was recently on John Stewards podcast ( defending neo-liberal economics
Chinese spies use bitcoin for bribes (, but seriously, why not monero?
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #223 ( is a lot of incremental updates and technical details
Includes a good introduction to FROST (, a taproot multi-signature impelmentation
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30,000 sats
1 Nov
Excellent listener feedback this episode. Let's boost BDP higher up the indices! Also, let's aim for chapter markers in every episode (it's worth the wait). Thanks again, and keep up the good work 👍
20,000 sats
1 Nov
Inpiring message fom Dad regarding the adversarial environment that we as bitcoiners are entering. Everyone should be working towards self custody if they aren't there already.I was a long time Firefox user but I had to drop Mozilla due to their misguided and negative attitude towards bitcoin. Perhaps I need let go of my idiology on this matter and use the supperior product. Love the show, keep up the good work!
10,000 sats
3 Nov
5,000 sats
1 Nov
you asked for a good story. Last night (Halloween/14th anniversary) I got my s9 hashing for slush pool! Great success. Then went and had a steak. lol
LFG PlebMiner
2,142 sats
3 Nov
1,111 sats
2 Nov
My first boost ever, giving you all my sats. Love the show! Good balance of faith and skepticism. Keep up the great work!
100 sats
1 Nov
Peach looks like tender for Bitcoin ha!