FTM 004 Nation State FOMO W/ Rob Soltan
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FTM 004 Nation State FOMO W/ Rob Soltan

Dec 6 2021 • 1hr 49m
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Show Notes

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Soltan. We talked about Bitcoin and it’s role in our changing world as well as the topics below. Timestamps:
00:00 intro
02:15 Robs background
05:30 Bitcoin vs Gold community
12:30 Not your Keys Not your coins
18:50 Bitcoin Toxicity
22:10 Layer 1 Bitcoin
29:20 Microstrategy and Bitcoin Miners HODLING
33:30 Gold vs Bitcoin
37:30 Nation states buying Bitcoin ??
42:40 4 Year cycles and Bull market talk
49:30 How Bitcoin hits 250K in 2022
55:30 El Salvador
58:30 Bitcoin the best money ever created
62:30 Shitcoins and JPEGS
70:30 AMC and GME
79:30 90% of Bitcoins aren’t for sale!!!
85:00 Rob’s advice to young people

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