Episode 37: Interview: The Dr Bitcoin Pod
Bitcoin Dad Pod

Episode 37: Interview: The Dr Bitcoin Pod

Aug 26 2022 • 48m
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Show Notes

Team Faketoshi (, a history of Craig Wright's claims to be Satoshi, by Arthur Van Pelt
CSW's faked Satoshi signing session (, by Arthur Van Pelt
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12,391 sats
Aug 26 2022
Digging the interviews! would love to hear the fee/vbyte discussion as well. btw 2000 sats to read on air is too cheap. y'alls time is valuable and less than $1usd for airtime seems like you're getting the short end of the stick. thanks for the show! stay motivated and keep going!
2,222 sats
Aug 26 2022
i appreciate the excellent content as well as the editing. The first bitcoin focused podcast I found and still the best.
1,701 sats
Sep 12 2022
I love all the interviews! Still working on catching up on my backlog. Maybe on certain weeks where Chris can't make it, you could have guest hosts with some of the people you've interviewed
69 sats
Sep 19 2022
bth i rarlwy boost but i need to to keep my earnings up on fountain so figured id boost you guys since your my favorite duo
5 sats
Sep 7 2022
5 sats
Sep 7 2022