Ep 307 Is Zelensky Blackmailing Western Leaders?
Liberty Lockdown

Ep 307 Is Zelensky Blackmailing Western Leaders?

25 Sep β€’ 2hr 26m
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Today is a two parter. Part one: I cover the latest impassioned speech by Trudeau, then I dive into the Abromovic ambassador request from Zelensky. I feel like everyone is viewing this incorrectly. Part two: I'm joined by Stephan Livera and Daniel Prince to give a global economic outlook.

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25 Sep
Two shoutouts for me by name in this interview β€”> another 69,420 sats boost for you! (currently equals about $20 in fiat) Just like my boost for your recent Saifedean interview. Keep up the awesome work Clint 🫑 πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» 🧑
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26 Sep
"leaders" not elected officials. she believes she is a leader and chosen by destiny to lead the mere mortals with her infinite wisdom..
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26 Sep
of course they will create starvation so that they can blame climate change and make more money