Basics_04: How Bitcoin Works (A Distributed Ledger)
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Basics_04: How Bitcoin Works (A Distributed Ledger)

20 Mar • 1hr 32m
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Bitcoin Basics Series Episode 4. In this chat Daz, Seb, Dan & Josh dive into the mechanics of HOW the Bitcoin protocol & network function. They unpack what problems Bitcoin solves and the manner in which it solves them. This is part 4 of a multipart series.
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What problems did Bitcoin solve & how does it solve them?
Distributed ledgers & decentralization
Security through math, cryptography & game theory
Tokens vs ledgers
Single socks

Daz’s pick — The Blocksize Wars by Jonathan Bier
Seb’s pick — “A Primer on Bitcoin Mining” from NYDIG
Josh’s pick — “Bitcoin Is Time” by Gigi
Dan’s pick — Inventing Bitcoin by Yan Pritzker

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

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1,000 sats
20 Mar
this series is phenomenal. and this episode was made for my dad….still can’t fully grasp Bitcoin and the explanations here were so simple and clear. you guys are awesome.
500 sats
20 Mar
great show lads. love it
500 sats
30 Mar
These concepts are slippery hogs. Get ready to get dirty.
200 sats
23 Mar
Men, you're doing the lord's work. Great chat packed full of signal.
100 sats
21 Mar
Good job guys