33: Just Burn it all Down
Office Hours 2.0

33: Just Burn it all Down

21 Jul β€’ 1hr 3m
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Show Notes

Why independent media is getting just as bad as mainstream media, and Brent's escape from a wildfire.
Plus, an update on our new bounty release format!


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23 Jul
At this rate of episode funding you'll never get your day off! I would also like to ask again if there is any progress on accepting Lightning payments for Jupiter Membership, it's the only reason I am not a member!! Keep on the great work and I hope Brent's house survived!
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30 Jul β€’ Podcast Index
I would really like to get your follow up related to your issue with Tailscale, if it was some outage or your internal network issue. Simple because it would be a hard pause for me if some tailscale downtime actually occurd and there would be no explantation from Tailscale. And if on your network then nice learning opportunity. Thanks.
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22 Sep
I feel like I'm time traveling! I listened to the first two "pocket office" episodes before listening to this one. I figured I'd send in my first Zip Code boost to help get y'all to the next goal!
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24 Jul
I feel like I'm going crazy at the moment. Every book I read or piece of news seems to suggest that implementing a v4v approach (or at the very least a listener funded model) would help fix many of these problems. It just seems so obvious! I was only planning another shortish season of the 'Value 4 Value' podcast but my episode ideas list just keeps growing
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23 Jul
2000 more for 34
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23 Jul
Funding boost.
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28 Jul
Love the V4V model, but outside of the US is HARD. because crappy countries. the whole adpocalypse and how can i actually chime in (given global economic parity) sent me to suscribe to Sepf Hosted SRE. may not be full membership but as non US dollar money holder appreciate the fact that there are still ways for us to contribute to JB more than going with Ads. keep the regular fiat ways going too! some places are not ready for BTC yet