Rabbit Hole Recap #271: Tick Tock Next Block
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap #271: Tick Tock Next Block

21 Sep • 1hr 1m
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Show Notes

Tor Browser, Tails Issued Patches for WebP Critical Zero-Day Exploit Affecting All Major Browsers Operator Cøbra Must Reveal Identity to Defend Themselves, U.K. High Court Rules

StartOS, UmbrelOS Now Let You Self-Host Private AI Models

Mullvad Partnered with Tailscale, Completed Migration to RAM-only VPN Infrastructure

IVPN Light: Short-Term VPN Access Priced in Sats

Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.2: Ability to Attach External Wallets

Phoenix Android v2.0.6, iOS v2.0 Beta is Now on Testflight

Breez Mobile v0.16 (iOS v1.0.22): UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

Zeus v0.8.0-alpha Now Available to Olympus Subscribers, Open Beta Is Coming Soon

Nix Bitcoin v0.0.98

Mutiny Node v0.4.17: NWC Budgeting

Mutiny Wallet v0.4.19: NWC Budgeting

Snort v0.1.14: Zap Splits

Amethyst v0.77.0-alpha: Amber Support


0:00 - Matt’s become Slenderman
1:52 - Marcus is a WEF plant
8:45 - Dashboard
10:28 - Death Athletic
15:19 - TOR browser patch
16:25 - Cøbra must reveal identity
19:45 - StartOS AI
24:28 - Mullvad and Tailscale
28:26 - Software updates
38:34 - Boosts
48:34 - Riffing because the list is already over
53:20 - Death Athletic trailer

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'Live Free or Fucking Die' RIP J-Stark
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loved your rip of Yrudeau. continue your good work on telling the truth about governments
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been listening for over two years and had no idea Marty Bent was a pen name. crazy that Marty had better opsec than Matt😄. great rip 🫡
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Same, no idea. I've been listening since basically the beginning 😄
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