BCB030_BITCOIN Q+A: Bitcoin Cold Storage from the Master
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB030_BITCOIN Q+A: Bitcoin Cold Storage from the Master

Nov 20 2021 • 53m
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Show Notes

In this episode we are honored to be joined by Bitcoin Q+A.  Q+A is the proprietor of  This is a site devoted to teaching all about Bitcoin.  If you have questions about anything, ranging from wallets, to nodes, to the lighting network-Q+A has you covered.
We Cover:
What is Cold Storage
Hardware wallets, AKA signing devices
Software Wallets
Bitcoin Nodes
How to protect yourself from men with wrenches

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ABOUT Bitcoin Q+A:
Bitcoin Q+A is a passionate Bitcoiner with a gift for teaching others how to perform some of the more technical aspects of Bitcoin.  He has put together a superb website, where you can learn how to use: Hardware Wallets, Nodes, Coinjoins, Nodes, lightning network, ect.  He has devoted a TON of time to help others and it is MUCH appreciated.
More recently he has contributed to the development of a new hardware wallet.  The Passport.  This is a cypherpunk style signing device that promises to be more user friendly than the ColdCard. You can check out the Passport here-
Passport Hardware Wallet
Citadel Dispatch with Bitcoin QA

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