Episode 80: Hardware Wallet Web Backup
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Episode 80: Hardware Wallet Web Backup

20 May • 1hr 22m
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Show Notes

Etherium transactions stopped finalizing briefly ( last week but it didn't really cause issues
Ledger Recovery is a terrible idea poorly executed ( but its understandable that this model of crypto custody would be tried eventually
How Nunchuk multisig wallet works (, an alternative inheritance strategy
Seth also explains what's wrong (
No Grayscal trust for FileCoin ( says SEC
Even Justin Sun says FileCoin ( is a pump and dump scam
How does Filecoin work? It's complicated. (
Economics and Banking
Arthur's latest blog post The Denominator ( explores the changing risk in the US banking system and the implications for long term growth (bad) (TLDR: nationalize banking system and bitcoin wins or don't but cut rates, bitcoin wins)
Europe has its first Bitcoin ETF (, how is Europe lapping the US in cyrpto finance (
Bitcoin Education
Fiatjaf's idea to use spacechains and fedimints ( to scale bitcoin transcation throughput
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22 May
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23 May
Don't want to bring any bad luck so I'll counter those 4's with some double strength 8's 💪Won't be able to claim that beer this year but hopefully next I'll be escaping the colony for some travel and will go out of my way if you're in latin america again!
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21 May
Wow! Last 10 minutes were life changing! Thank you! God bless!
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20 May
thanks guys!
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21 May
Excellent episode!