49 - Marco Wutzer: Up from Slavery
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49 - Marco Wutzer: Up from Slavery

11 Jan • 58m
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Gabriel Custodiet talks to Marco Wutzer, a crypto investor, world traveler, and sharp thinker about today’s problems: and tomorrow’s solutions. Wutzer discusses his ascent as a self-educated digital nomad, some techniques for using DeFi and cryptocurrencies, and what to expect traveling around particularly South America.   Guest Links → → → →   Guest Mentions → → → →   Watchman Privacy → (newsletter, consultation requests) → →   Privacy Courses → →   Monero Donation Address (If you can't see the whole string, double click in the middle to select all) →8829DiYwJ344peEM7SzUspMtgUWKAjGJRHmu4Q6R8kEWMpafiXPPNBkeRBhNPK6sw27urqqMYTWWXZrsX6BLRrj7HiooPAy   Please subscribe to and rate this podcast wherever you can to help it thrive. Thank you! Timeline 0:00 – Beginning 1:31 – When did he become an anarchist world traveler 2:23 – How did he escape German collectivism? 4:30 – German influence of southern cone of South America 5:18 – Thinkers who influenced Marco 7:28 – Dropped out of school; daily educational habits 11:17 – Daily routine of a self-directed investor 14:45 – Self-destruction of the West 16:21 – As a economic red piller, where do you entrust your wealth? 17:46 – How to invest broadly in crypto with non-custodial wallets 21:19 – Did FTX collapse change your approach to crypto? 25:08 – How to use DeFi right now 28:30 – Marco’s problems with Bitcoin maximalism 35:23 – How to accumulate large amounts of crypto privately 40:50 – How does traveling change you? 42:57 – Best countries 48:22 – Dangers of Europe today 50:38 – Things to realise before traveling around South America 53:15 – Logistical advice for world traveling 54:44 – How to become wealthy today
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16 Jan
Dude sounds like a serious shitcoin scammer. His example of using lighting highlights his lack of knowledge on the subject. His other comments around bitcoin are classic shitcoin grifter lines 🤦‍♂️
18 Jan
Yup, 2018-level lightning understanding. Glad the episode moved away from that discussion towards the end again. Wish Gabriel would ask what he thinks about jumping from pump to pump from an ethical standpoint though.