Solo Rip 019
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 019

Sep 3 2022 • 27m 32s
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 19:
- Quality assurance with Solo rips
- “In Wolfs Clothing” announcement
- LND 0.15 released
- What kind of Bitcoiner am I? (rant)
And more...

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100,000 sats
Sep 5 2022
100% agreed. The price appreciation is a nice by product but it is NOT the main goal of this project. Satoshi was not out to get rich when he made bitcoin. The reason us early ones got into bitcoin a decade ago is because we hate banks, we are sick of the unforgivable corruption see saw go on in 2008. This project is about truth, love and justice. Anyone who is into bitcoin to get rich is not my enemy, I love you too, but be damn well sure we are not the same, not even close.
Sep 6 2022
incredibly said brotha. I’ve had too many discussions lately with people telling me this network only exist because of monetary insensitive. Drives me nuts
210 sats
Sep 3 2022
I love the solo rips. Most underated Bitcoin podcast out there. All signal, no filler.
Sep 3 2022
🙏🏼 spread the signal. It helps
50 sats
Sep 8 2022
33 sats
Sep 3 2022