41: "Mountain of Vibe"
Curry and The Keeper

41: "Mountain of Vibe"

1 Jun • 1hr 28m
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Curry & The Keeper - May 31st 2023 Episode 41 - "Mountain of Vibe"
Art by: Craig Weinberg
Executive Producers: Michael Anastasio -Brandi Horne
Associate Executive Producers: Dame Christina Henry - Isma
Certified Sommelier - Michael Anastasio
Welcome to Fountain's number 1 Podcast!
The Wine:

Tasting Room
Executive Decisions
Megyn Kelley
Jimmy always lifting me up
Proverbs 18: 21
The Tongue has the power over Life & Death
and those who love it will eat its fruit
Glenn Beck responses
3 days of friends
Sippy Cups from Emily
Vic's book
Stems vs Sippy Cups
Spark Media IGNITE Conference
Succession Final
Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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50,001 sats
6 Jun
Has anyone heard from Sir Brian With an I? He has been absent for weeks! We miss his jokes. My wife said he’s the 5th best part of Wednesdays. But as of late, she has been looking to see if his face is on a milk carton. She even signed up for Amber alerts. Brian, please come back. We miss you. My family wants to set up a GoFundMe to help you become the sommelier that you were born to be. I hope you aren’t in prison. You always have a seat in MY tasting room. In the evening brother!
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2 Jun
The weekly podcast is a game changer for Vinyard Nation. It’s fun to hear the back stories to what’s going on in your life and to hear you work through things. And it’s always fun to hear Tina laugh. Adam, remember to love on Tina more than the dog though, or you’ll be in the doghouse.
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6 Jun
Tina & Adam As an adept bedtime storyteller to my two children. Utilising chatGPT-4 has undoubtedly been a welcomed addition to our nightly routine. Much to their delight. Any tool in the armoury of the imagination is a boon to wordsmiths everywhere. Perhaps in time the prince&princesses of Kent will realise why their old man spent much time in his "leantudio" attempting to keep your corksoakers informed with the artificial intelligence news deconstuction podcast ai DOT cooking. Yo!-CSB&GWFF
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7 Jun
In the afternoon! This is my second donation and need a decanting. Love the show, you guys rock! 100%!
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13 Jun
Hah! You called me out 😊I hear you on the glasses Tina. They will definitely be easier to ship. I don’t blame you for wanting to simplify. When I get my glasses, they will make their way to our cottage in Northern Michigan wine country and be put to good use. Side note: I haven’t earned on Fountain for about 3 months! Working with them to figure it out. others are having the same problem. Love to you both and Thank you!
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3 Jun
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5 Jun
Adam & Tina, Step 1 - boosting with a few accumulated sats from the Fountain app. If this works then it’s on to filling up the wallet for more substantial boooooosts. Enjoying the show. Tina has one of the ten greatest laughs in the Universe. 73, Bill, NF9D
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1 Jun
only 23 min … just to let you know, I love it
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7 Jun
I meant “In the evening!”
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5 Jun
Happy Show day! A shipping tip for Tina...check out PirateShip! I have a tiny business on Etsy and use it to ship my products. Its inexpensive and makes shipping easy! ITE! Shelley Carpenter