Episode 15: Interview: Seth for Privacy
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Episode 15: Interview: Seth for Privacy

May 10 2022 • 1hr 8m
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Pre-Show Thoughts
Seth's recommended tools ( page is quite brilliant
Notes from interview
A history of cryptonote ( by Murch!
Monero's stealth address ( technology explained
Paynyms (, a private public bitoin address courtesy of the Samourai Devs (
Seth says 'silent addresses' but he means 'silent payments', a bitcoin privacy proposal ( by our favourite Bitcoin Sourcer, Ruben Somsen!
Nymnet with Harry Halpin was one of my favorite OptOutPod interviews (
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2,000 sats
May 12 2022
I don't have anything to add besides that I would love to see Seth back in the future! Or possibly as a guest on Unplugged? He and Chris are so got me interested in "crypto." Chris with BTC/Lightning, Seth with Monero. I am a Monero Miner.
2,000 sats
May 15 2022
i think you doublesent tgis boost. great handle! will try to get seth on again
5 sats
May 15 2022
I did double boost on accident. I thought the first one failed, and I decided I had more to say! haha
2,000 sats
May 12 2022
I don't really have anything to ask/add besides I hope to see Seth back in the future! Also would love to see him as an Unplugged guest someday!
1,337 sats
May 11 2022
After listening to Seth explain how Signal's centralization is an exception to the rule because of the privacy respecting design and open source verifiability, and how there are some benefits to be had, I am reminded of BitWarden, the password manager. It is a related project as secrets storage are a part of the privacy and security story. I would be interested in either your or Seth's take on BitWarden, including the fact that you could opt to self host the server, but not with Signal.
100 sats
Aug 18 2022