055- Stuck in the web ft Hodl Tarantula
Talking In Bits

055- Stuck in the web ft Hodl Tarantula

Mar 2 2022 • 1hr 17m
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Show Notes

In episode 55, we're back at it with our guest Hodl Tarantula. We talk:
The state of mining:

Massive hash rate coming in. What does it look like by the next halving? Effects on small miners?
Larp companies like Compass- what can they teach us?
Decentralized pools- what are they and how far away before we see them?
New silicon for miners.


Bitcoiners cheering on anybody (groupie logic)
The pleb vs the institutions?- How can the pleb compete


Russia, Ukraine talks about adopting the standard.
Chicago, Georgia, and a few other states. pass bills.
Bitcoin litigation-promising or the stage of the next battle for bitcoiners?

And more!
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