BCB014_VIJAY BOYAPATI: Bitcoin Virginity
Blue Collar Bitcoin

BCB014_VIJAY BOYAPATI: Bitcoin Virginity

Jul 20 2021 • 59m
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Show Notes

Dan & Josh are joined by the one and only Vijay Boyapati!
We Discuss:
The importance of Bitcoin
Monetary Sovereignty
How to smuggle Gold
Bitcoin Bull and Bear cycles
Keynesian vs Austrian Economics
Nation State attacks
Altcoin Scams
Reclaiming your Bitcoin Virginity
and much more...

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ABOUT VIJAY BOYAPATI: Vijay wrote the incredible Bullish Case For Bitcoin in 2018 and has been an active thought leader in the Bitcoin space since.  He has appeared on every major Bitcoin podcast with an incredible ability to break complex ideas into easily digestible bites. We HIGHLY recommend reading his article, or better yet preorder a copy of his new book!  He has expanded on the ideas from the article, We at BCB have ordered it and are eagerly anticipating receiving it!
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Vijays article 'The Bullish Case for Bitcoin':
After you read the article, preorder Vijay's new Book on Amazon!
Vijay's New Book "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin" available for preorder on Amazon:
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