Solo rip 44
Talking In Bits

Solo rip 44

13 Mar • 22m 59s
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 44:
- The banks are being bailed out
- My picks for Rogans orange pill
- Stay educated friends
-Self Custody

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10,000 sats
16 Mar
batteling a 30mph crosswind thru OK and jose in my ears. it could be worse
7,777 sats
13 Mar
man these getting shorter brother. just my style I normally don’t bother with under 30 minutes. pain to change shows mid workout. it’s all love but thought I’d be honest about wvy I dropped off a bit. I normally skip anything under 30 min.
13 Mar
understood good sir! Working my way back to my standard. The good news is, the new business I’m building is highly favored, the bad news is, my schedule is wrecked to do these. There’s a balance, and I’m working on figuring it out.
5,000 sats
9 Apr
u alive brother?
5,000 sats
22 Mar
500 sats
13 Mar
250 sats
13 Mar
why everybody stuck on Rogan? so tired of hearing this we gotta get him onboard stuff. Ya’ll just annoying em. he’s prolly be into Bitcoin if ya’ll weren’t bugging him 24/7 about it.
Bitcoin will prove itself…. my point is this…. the constant yo Rogan we gotta get Rogan or even some being critical of his choices it just comes of lame. it’s not Rogsns job to do what we want.
13 Mar
I agree. I could care less if he knows about it or not. What I did do on this episode is state who I would send if it were up to me. just a thought topic. But agreed
can’t disagree with ur take.