@_benkaufman - Escaping Israel And Our Current Clown World. #191
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@_benkaufman - Escaping Israel And Our Current Clown World. #191

Sep 13 2021 • 48m
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Today's guest on the show is @_benkaufman, The Shadowy Super-Coder and Unlicensed software engineer behind @SpecterWallet

Join us as we discuss the pitfalls and merits of using a multi-signature set-up to safeguard your #Bitcoin.

Why and how did @_benkaufman leave school at 14 and how did that experience set him up for understanding #Bitcoin and legal systems?

When did @_benkaufman escape Israel, where is he now and does he think he will be able to return to see family?
A huge thanks to @_benkaufman for coming on the show and sharing his experiences and insights. Wishing you luck brother! Follow Ben via @cwt_news too in case he gets de-platformed as he fears!

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.
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