Fentanyl and Warren Ep738
Bitcoin And . . .

Fentanyl and Warren Ep738

1 Jun • 1hr 13m
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Show Notes

Join me today for Episode 738 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Sen. Warren . . . true to form
- Reddit emulates Twitter's API pricing
- BTCpay Server V 1.10.0 is out!
- My wallet has rights!
- Tether at ATH
- nsecBunker announced

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC

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2 Jun
Thank you for your long hours and dedication to make an informative and entertaining daily bitcoin news podcast.
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2 Jun
I'd boost, but I'm to lazy
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3 Jun
5 star given & GL ! shoutout to Jeff and Greg of MassAdoption meetup event with quarterly speakers. Next is Jason Maier who wrote “A Progressive Case for Bitcoin,” on 6/23 at Global Thrift in Waltham MA with Freedom Festival event the next day. More info/tickets on Twitter @BTC_Mass, includes a Texas Slim Cattleman’s Feast!
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2 Jun
thanks for another great episode. I would say more in my boosts but I hate thumb typing on this phone. cheers!
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2 Jun
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2 Jun
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2 Jun
thank you Sir!
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1 Jun
Can't wait to see the day Warren publicly shames the Federal Reserve for printing the US$ that criminal organizations use all around the world. Oh the double standards.
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2 Jun
let’s get you above the fold again!
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2 Jun
Thank you sir.
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2 Jun
sending love from Nostr Gang