Solo Rip 34
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 34

17 Dec • 33m
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 34:
- Live stream podcasting 2.0
- Anchor = def to RSS feeds
- Not understanding bitcoin doesn’t make you right
- Get a much-needed dose of Cason
- Even tho doubted, Dorsey continues to push Bitcoin forward. Nostr donation

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34,000 sats
17 Dec
you gotta listen to Adam Curry’s No Agenda Podcast to find out about the 33 magic 🙃. cheers my brother I’m still lobbying for one hour :)
12,345 sats
17 Dec
fiaters = fiat fuckers. that broad in front of the hearing is not real.person hence why shes in washington
5,069 sats
21 Dec
for listeners, you can boost thrrough Alby or LNTXBOT to your fountain ⚡️addresss as well. Those messages will go directly in the Transaction portion of Fountain. V4V LFG!
2,121 sats
20 Dec
Keep your loud mouth mouthing 😂but I’m for staying around the ~30 mins. Freaking amazing how fast the Bitcoin and Lightning space is moving. Guess I need to learn Nostr now.