Episode 76: Banks Fail and Nobody Cares
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Episode 76: Banks Fail and Nobody Cares

6 May • 1hr 19m
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Show Notes

The AdoptingBTC conference ( in El Salvador on November 7th
The U.S. Whitehouse is proposing a new tax ( on electricity used by bitcoin miners
Jen W, a journalist at NYMAG, has a great expose ( on the regulatory hurdles being used to drive "Crypto" businesses out of the United States
Glassnode, a blockchain data providor, reviews what moved on the bitcoin blockchain ( this week
Lyn Alden on the structure and implications of open monetary networks ( .i.e. the very structure and rules of money create the current state of society
Coinmetrics on MakerDAO (, a decentralized collateralized stablecoin, that is struggling to remain decentralized and stable
Economics and Banking
First Republic bank is has been sold to JP Morgan ( as the U.S. Banking crisis accelerates
Though some regional banks dispute claims ( of their financial distress
Even the IMF's own research ( don't support the wage-price spiral argument that justifies current central bank anti-employment policy
Lets talk payjoins ( and other
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #249 covers another proposal for bitcoin vaults ( and waxwing's thoughts on adapter signatures which are necessary for new taproot multisig constructions
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9 May
just listened to EP 71 of Linux downtime. I think you guys need to have a on air chat with joe about why you you hate crypto too