BMS 018 The Petro Dollar with Alex Gladstein
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BMS 018 The Petro Dollar with Alex Gladstein

May 25 2021 • 42m
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Show Notes

In this episode I spoke with Alex Gladstein from the Human Rights Foundation, about his article discussing the Petro Dollar in Bitcoin Magazine. We delve into how when Nixon took us off the gold standard we quickly switched to the Petro Dollar, where we forced the world to buy oil using USD only. This frankly changed the world, and made oil what the world's reserve currency was pegged to. Alex gets into the history of the Petro dollar, how he researched it, and how Bitcoin could be a peaceful transition off of the Petro Dollar and onto something more fair and healthy for our world. Check out Alex's articles below, and follow him on Twitter to see everything he is doing with the Human Rights Foundation and for future articles.
The Hidden Costs of the Petro Dollar article:
Check Your Financial Privilege article:
Human Rights Foundation:


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