Episode 55: Bad Policy Bad Outcomes
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Episode 55: Bad Policy Bad Outcomes

18 Dec • 1hr 17m
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Pre-show Banter
SBF wasn't just a proponent of Effective Altruism, his career was defined by their philosophy (
ECB staff threaten to strike over non-inflation adjusted wages (
CFTC declares Etherium, Tether, and bitcoin ( commodities in a bizzare aside in a legal complaint against FTX and SBF (Scam Bankrupt Fraud)
This aside is likely necessary to establish CFTC jurisdiction (
Belgium has surprising reasonable regulatory guidance ( regarding crypto assets but fails to identify the obfuscated centralized control of Etherium
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren's Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act (warning government PDF) ( seeks to define many individual participants in bitcoin as money transmiters (
It's a proposterous violation of the U.S. 1st Amendamnt and a sign that the attack on self custodial bitcoin is here (
The mainstream coverage of this unsophisticated attack on bitcoin is similarily uncritical and myopic (
Lyn's right that fundamental fights about property rights ( are coming
US Government interest on debt accelerating ( per Lyn Alden's model of a government debt spiral
Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules are, according to research (, an exercise in bureacratic 'ass covering' and do nothing to promote lawful economic activity or fair use of the financial system
Bitcoin Education
How does an etherium multisig ( work? And what this tells us about bitcoin
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #230 ( has some cool links
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19 Dec
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19 Dec
always a pleasure to listen to you both :) i need to check out the self-hosting show you guys recommend. btw, wouldn't self-hosting a bitcoin bank make for a good episode? i know some nice foss software for this purpose ;)
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19 Dec
bless your heart often expresses, 'they mean well but are likely a moron.' or it is spoken sincerely and they appreciate your intentions