Nostr & The Future of Social Media - Miljan of Primal (Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast)

Nostr & The Future of Social Media - Miljan of Primal (Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast)

THE Bitcoin Podcast

Walker talks with Miljan, creator of Primal, about the growth of Nostr and what's coming next for the Nostr ecosystem. They dig into the story of Primal, challenges and opportunities that come with building on Nostr, the next wave of Nostr adoption, what makes Nostr different, creator monetization, and a whole lot more.


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Nostr and Primal have experienced significant growth, with a strong developer community and increasing user engagement.

Dealing with Apple's restrictions and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience are ongoing challenges for Nostr developers.

Spam and content moderation are important considerations on Nostr, and the approach to moderation should be user-driven and customizable.

Collaboration and interoperability among client developers are key to the success of Nostr, as it allows for user choice and competition in the market. A strong ecosystem is crucial for the success of Nostr, and the success of other clients benefits the entire network.

The next wave of adoption for Nostr may be driven by client-based enhancements, new features, and improved user experience, as well as users running away from legacy platforms.

The pitch to content creators emphasizes the value of sovereignty, censorship resistance, and direct monetization on Nostr.

Experimentation and innovation are encouraged on Nostr, and the best ideas will rise to the top as the network grows.

Zapvertising, the concept of including messages or links with zaps, is an area of potential exploration to increase monetary value on the network.

Fundraising and monetization are important considerations for Nostr, and the decision to open source the code after fundraising demonstrates a long-term vision and alignment with the network's values.







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