Episode 27: Stock to Seagulls
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Episode 27: Stock to Seagulls

Jul 10 2022 • 58m
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Show Notes

Debunking the bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) model (
Embarassed to say that I didn't question it more
Confirmation bias/group think is real
Let's wade into Nic Carter's critique of bitcoin maximalism ( and Pete Rizzo's rebuttal (
Revisiting Rizzo's early piece on bitcoin maximalism ( provides context
Nic has serious bitcoin chops as evidenced by his website (
Arthur's breadown of the crypto lending crash (
Doesn't dwell on the alleged fraud at 3ac
Economic research paper linking ETFs to lower wages (
CAR is creating their own altcoin ( based on 'tokenized natural resources', just like Venezuela
Report on CAR paints a bleak picture of the country (
Hacked exchange accounts are cheaper than expected ( on the dark web
Chinese total surveillance police state apparently doesn't protect citizen data ( particularily well
Similar leak detailed how China uses surveillance to commit genocide on the Uighers (
The libertarian CATO Institute report on how inflation reduces financial privacy (
CATO's 1998 newsletter ( supporting Adam Back and the cypherpunks drive for encryption and privacy
Rember the clipper chip (
IAE report on nuclear energy ( suggests that momentum for new nuclear power options is building, but sufficient nuclear to meaningfully impact climate change is still far away
Bitcoin Education
Lopp's excellent page of lightning resources (
Elizabeth's Stark's lightning network primer ( is a good start
Blockstream has a schnorr half aggregation ( proposal
You can view it in their cross input signature aggregation (CISA) ( repo
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Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (
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thanks for the show
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Jul 10 2022
some duckie love!
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Jul 12 2022
It is Ltguy005. Thanks for another informative show!
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Jul 18 2022
Great content! ⚡💎💎🔥 A lot of us, myself included, drank the S2F Kool-Aid, but it was such nonsense. 🙄
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Jul 12 2022
Great work, as always!
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Sep 12 2022
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