AI is Coming Ep728
AI is Coming Ep728
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 728 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Tether to buy Bitcoin Monthly
- Lightning Labs and the BRC-20
- Ledger's stupidity explained (it's worse than we thought)
- Regulate crypto trading as gambling?
- Report: Bitcoin safer than US Dollar
- AI: Do not sleep on this!

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC

Bitcoin Circular Economy:

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50,000 sats
21 May
Thanks for helping with my comfrey conundrum. My weird username is just my initials. I have a surname no one can pronounce so decided to use my initials instead, however I did not consider it was possibly worse! Anyway hope this is enough to zap a steak on your plate. We all appreciate your hard work.
1,000 sats
17 May
“Sam Altman-Fried” that name is going to stick.
1,000 sats
18 May
“Don’t tug for evil, tug for good.” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🍆💦
18 May
was thinking the same!!! lol
1,000 sats
18 May
Forgive me God for the sats I have bought and the sats I haven't bought.
610 sats
20 May
Prime boost. Great job on the podcast. You are helping this newby navigate the Bitcoin ecosystem.
169 sats
17 May
here’s the last of my fountain sats. time to re-up. thanks for another great episode. cheers!
100 sats
20 May
Tether is OVERcollateralized with dollar equivalents beyond 100%. There is no 💩coin backing (like Luna) other than USD. The bitcoin is IN EXCESS of that. The specific facts matter.
100 sats
17 May
Pure signal!