Episode 135: Maximizing the Pull
Podcasting 2.0

Episode 135: Maximizing the Pull

2 Jun • 2hr 8m
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PC20-135-2023-06-02 Podcasting 2.0 Episode 135: "Maximizing the Pull"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - With Dudes named Ben Talk and more LIT Music Wallet Switching!

We are LIT, soon on fountain!
PodFriend 2.0 apparently also LIT Ready!
Database Upgrade!
Sysadmins need Love
Fountain transcripts srt and speaker names
Fountain siri volume controls stop working
Jemele Hill to Leave Spotify and Shut Down Her Podcast Network - Bloomberg
Hosting companies are signing their own death warrant
We are the hitmakers! -Wavlake Top40
Music By Corey Keller and Too Bit To Fail
Late Night Special - The Sunshine Never Comes - 34 seconds
Alby node down
Blubrry 2.0 badge
Folks(!) realizing YouTube is a bad actor LOL
Start9 helipad and ipfs
Castopod on startOS
IPFS compatibility in apps
IPFS sharing for sats?
Boys Home - Bryce - 0.5 seconds
remoteItem in V4V in more apps when?
MKUltra chat
Transcript Search
What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at
V4V Stats

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222,222 sats
4 Jun
On the topic of YouTube sucking out the revenue from the podcast advertising space it’s already happening. Longtime well established podcast sponsors are pulling out of podcasts for the remainder of the year and doing just YouTube buys because they can do them at scale. The individual deals with the Podcasters take too long and the results vary too much, and they can’t adopt quick when money is tight. So they are just expanding their YouTube buys. Googs trying to catch up.
33,015 sats
9 Jun
Dave & Adam, As the potential of advanced supertechnologies come, there's not many sweeter than the amalgamation of Bitcoin and that of so called artificial intelligence. Data driven, decentralized & demonised by the M5M. Open source Bens/Bernadettes use them to empower, the NWO build versions to enslave. BTC isn't far from CBDC's, ai an evil corporate twin. Our ability to discern is only possible when information is present. This is why your ai DOT cooking podcast exists. Yo!-CSB&GWFF
25,001 sats
3 Jun
My nightstand: "Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism" by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, "The Machine Stops" by E.M. Forster and "Principles of Economics" by Saifedean Ammous. Beep boop.
Adam Curry
25,000 sats
3 Jun • CurioCaster
Love it!
5,492 sats
6 Jun
if podcasting 2.0 is crashing Bitcoin 24 I’m there with you guys! *groot voice* WE ARE PARALELL ECONOMY
5,000 sats
3 Jun
sunshine boost
3,333 sats
8 Jun
Thanks for your help Adam and Go Podcasting!
3,333 sats
4 Jun
The sats never come until it has rained V4V. Love the tune
2,222 sats
3 Jun
Have been explaining what you're doing with music at my local BTC meetup and I think it's striking a note. Am hoping to do a live demo next month to showcase Alby at the same time.
4 Jun
Yes! I loved hearing about it. I hope that we hear my friend, Roger9000's song "Volcanos" (about El Salvador) on the show some day ❤️
2,100 sats
9 Jun
so is it possible to host, publish and monetise your own content from a start 9 embassy today..? 🤯
1,234 sats
4 Jun
Re: Gamification of Dedupe - Don't worry about sats. Create badges. Badges are actually tags, and app creators can do a certification of activity against the tag. Then there can be badge-specific perks (exclusive jam sessions). My two sats.
1,100 sats
3 Jun
I am your deduping huckleberry. How to I enroll for the deduping army?
U ways hue juju fl Mnxnxmv. ,, 😩☺️☺️☺️😩😬😬👩🏽🧈🤘🍑🍑