Basics_03: What Constitutes Good Money?
Blue Collar Bitcoin

Basics_03: What Constitutes Good Money?

11 Feb • 1hr 32m
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Bitcoin Basics Series Episode 3. In this episode we examine what constitutes good money, examining monetary history with an eye on what produces the ultimate money–Bitcoin. We draw a contrast between hyperinflated and sound money, as well as unpack what monetary tools are most prone to work in the digital age. Josh & Dan are joined throughout this series by Seb Bunney and DazBea of Looking Glass Education.
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The characteristics of good & bad money
Weimar and Zimbabwe hyperinflation
Gresham's Law
Thier’s Law
Game theory
Path dependence

Daz’s pick —  Swan Signal w/ Leopard and Foss
Seb’s pick —  Ethics of Money Production (Jorg Guido)
Josh’s pick — The Sovereign Individual (Reese-Mogg/Davidson)
Dan’s pick —  7th Property (Erick Yakes) 

Looking Glass Education 
Blue Collar Bitcoin Resources Page (includes ColdCard guides)
Seb Bunney website/newsletter — The Qi of Self-Sovereignty
“When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson
Their’s Law
The Sovereign Individual

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50,000 sats
25 Feb
love these, yall are great
500 sats
12 Feb
loved this episode. Took notes of talking points for my adventures in Orange pilling. 🙏😁
100 sats
12 Feb
Great chat, but my friend said Bitcoin is too volatile and the government is going to ban it or something. I'll stick with cuckbucks.
100 sats
13 Feb
Canadians seem to punch above their belt in the BTC community. Any opinions about why that is?
100 sats
14 Feb
another great one! really helps break down complicated ideas for newbs to help orangepill friends and family.