AI Coins Are Here Ep797
Bitcoin And . . .

AI Coins Are Here Ep797

21 Sep • 1hr 15m
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Show Notes

Join me today for Episode 797 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- AI Altcoins Have Arrived
- Bitboy Begs Fands for Moolah
- Hal Finney Lost Video of ZK-Proofs
- Anti-CBDC Bill Passed Committee
- Bitcoin And Labor Unions
- ETH Wallets Drained

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21,021 sats
22 Sep
ignore all following comments
21,012 sats
22 Sep
does " crypto" news matter anymore ? i mean who really fucking cares about bitboy, SBF ECT ECT. can we just be angry about about things occuring on bitcoin or why modern men all act like girls. the mafia should run all business. oh oh BITCOIN WILL NOT FIX SHIT UNLESS BITCOINERS FIX THEIR PERSONAL SHIT
7,777 sats
22 Sep
we need a orange pilled AI; then the circle will be complete.
5,000 sats
22 Sep
nice! nailed the movie quote from 1987 Robocop…impressive. thank you sir!
1,420 sats
22 Sep
I love the move from Swan to River. Again I respect the Bitcoin only education and self custody Swan pushes….. But honesty I have been a lot happier with CashApp and River then I ever was with Swan.
1,111 sats
22 Sep
enjoyed listening live but not sure the 1k sats got through via doubled down with a row of sticks via fountain...great show as always
370 sats
22 Sep
thank you sir
222 sats
22 Sep
Nice to join the livestream n zap n chat ⚡️Cheers
100 sats
22 Sep
your words paid me these sats and now my words gve them back.
100 sats
21 Sep
Thank you sir