Episode 2:  Of Coinjoins and Steak Coins
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Episode 2: Of Coinjoins and Steak Coins

Feb 26 2022 • 1hr 26m
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Show Notes

Email us at or @bitcoindadpod (
Wasabi Wallet de-anonimized? (
A Brief explanation of Coinjoin
Samourai Wallet - Whirlpool (
JoinMarket - Bitcoin Wiki (
Thanks to Coder Radio ( Coinbase CEO admis that apple calls the shots (
The ETH DAO hacker found? ( Apparently found due to a flaw in the wasabi coinjoin protocol
How do you know that DAOs are probably all hype? The Nation ( is talking about them.
A few more thoughts ( on DAOs
On the subject of businesses not sticking their necks out ( for users, Cannada scolds exchanges
Ukranians are running to the dollar ( stablecoins
Xpub, Master Public Key, Private Key explained (
Caitlyn Long shares some economic history (
Unbanked/Underbanked ( population in the USA is much more complicated than we thought and probably less than 30 million
Russia's GDP is not $4 Trillion, it's much much less (
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Music by Lesfm from Pixabay
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