16: "Sister Girl"
16: "Sister Girl"
Curry and The Keeper

Curry & The Keeper - July 6th 2022 Episode 16 - "Sister Girl"


Tina birthday trauma

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Cork soakers edit donation segment

Scorpion and cat

V4V is like tithing

Little house in the prarie

Phoebe Laddie

25,000 sats
19 Jul
Greetings again From sketchy cuts. Tina, I’m glad you love my birthday gift to you. Thank you for the insta-sharing. And thanks to the awesome cork soakers who checked out my stuff. Everyone else, go see what’s available at SketchyCuts.com and use promo code CORKSOAKER for free shipping on orders over $60. Thanks again John Jensen , baronet sir cumferance Go podcasting!!
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7 Jul
Keeper and the Curry? KAT-C , pronounced catsee? better?
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7 Jul
My cork is soaked! I enjoy the show. Thanks, Steve in Bradenton Florida
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11 Jul
birthday boost. SirVesa of the Backside of Pike's Peak
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7 Jul
Streaming sats and boosting the dip
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12 Jul
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16 Jul
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12 Jul
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7 Jul
keep soaking my cork!!
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7 Jul
2,000 sats
7 Jul
Fun show.
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7 Jul
Close-together boob donation
500 sats
7 Jul
I’m trying this out for the first. More will come if this works. Happy birthday!
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20 Jul
333 sats
7 Jul
Greetings from Sir John of South London! This is my first booost!
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7 Jul
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10 Jul
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12 Jul