158. Paxful with Ray Youssef
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158. Paxful with Ray Youssef

7 Mar • 2hr 3m
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We are joined by Ray Youssef, the founder of one of the world's biggest peer-to-peer bitcoin markets, Paxful. We discuss his entrepreneurial history, what drew him to bitcoin, and how Paxful has grown in the developing world. We also discuss Ray's views on economic development in Africa in general and Egypt and Nigeria in particular, what policies can end poverty, how bitcoin helps, and why Paxful delists centralized shitcoin scams.Enjoyed this episode? You can take part in podcast seminars, access Saifedean’s courses – including his ongoing course ECO22: The Fiat Standard – and read chapters of his forthcoming book, Principles of Economics, by becoming a member. Find out more here.
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22 Mar
keep up the great work you are providing tbe world
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8 Mar
Ray keep up the great work!!
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9 Mar
awesome pod!
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8 Mar
routing for ya ray ⚡️⚡️
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7 Mar
sup ray 🤙
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8 Mar
This Episode is ideal. “What’s the Fiat Angle?” is an excellent quote to take with you to ask about anything in the world that seems suspicious.