Episode 9: Maximal Critique
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Episode 9: Maximal Critique

Apr 11 2022 • 52m
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Criticism: Internal and External
Pete Rizzo's latest article ( is a thoughtful summary of the three main narratives of bitcoin maximalism
Currently tether is an important humanitarian tool ( which challenges the 'bitcoin fixes this' narrative of 3rd world finance
The Cannadian government's sanctions of the Ottowa truckers ( suggest that 1st world surviellance states may be able to supress some aspects of subversive bitcoin usage
A critique on NFTs that begins with a somewhat lazy ( attack on bitcoin but is generally correct in it's critique of financial grifters pushing DeFi, WEB3, and NFTs
Why do narratives like this appeal to no-coiners like Ezra Klein (
Privacy News
A deeper look at Rohan's ECASH act ( and why the Bitcoin Dad supports it, but is concerned about its limitations
The act has a fascinating research section (
Coincenter has researched the necessity of anonymous cash for an open society ( as well
Cash App gets hacked ( and containg ~8 million customers, inside job
Moxie (rightly) takes down the false privacy assumptions of Telegram (https://twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion/moxie/status/1474067549574688768)
But what are the trade offs of Signal?
Protonmail + Simplelogin? *Chef's kiss
Bitcoin Education
Even Vitalik thinks ETH doesn't really work (
Bitcoin 2022 Conference Open Source Stage ( has great technical discussion
The Bitcoin Core PR Review Club ( is a way to learn about bitcoin and software development in a hands on manner
Remember to get in touch or @bitcoindadpod on twitter
On MMT, Stephanie Kelton is inspirational ( not stupid, but I think her strategy is likely to be highly inflationary
MMT tries to describe the complex financial systems that regulate money production in an economy
It also debunks the "how will you pay for it?" argument to redistributive social policies
On the darker side, it likely requires capital controls and financial surveillance to work
No one has raised anything lately...
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50,000 sats
Apr 12 2022
This should be about $20-ish USD worth of sats in appreciation... loving the podcast so far. You dont have to read this on the pocdast unless you want to... It's been fun hearing you read my prior boosts. But this is for you, not my ego ;-). Much love brother!
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Apr 14 2022
So, in this current climate, you need that catchphrase that will be an earwig to fight ecash. I propose "Ecash Trash". as in "Nah man, I don' want any if that Ecash trash!"
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Apr 14 2022
"Super Hot Hi-Speed Steel" - best quote from todays episode. perhaps an episode for the common man on wallet control and centralized vs decentralized advantages and disadvantages of self custody? ie, one wallet, multiple wallets, a wallet for every day? :)
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Sep 22 2022