#424: Q1 2023 Monetary Base Update with Matthew Mežinskis
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

#424: Q1 2023 Monetary Base Update with Matthew Mežinskis

1 Jun • 1hr 49m
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8:12 - Baltic hockey17:17 - Debt ceiling bye bye22:55 - New basemoney drop!36:19 - Bitcoin base vs top fiat, reverse repo49:41 - Bank failures1:01:54 - Treasury markets1:05:34 - Fannie & Freddie debt numbers1:09:32 - Balaji says FedNow is a CBDC1:17:02 - Sidebar on children1:18:19 - Back on topic, centralization will continue1:23:45 - Sovereign sat and gold stacking1:34:41 - Quick stats1:35:56 - Full reserve in Texas1:45:37 - Wrapping up

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stay humble, stack sats
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Central Bank Physical Currency (CBPC) is expanding!
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love Matt great rip