Episode 65: Just add more blockchains
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Episode 65: Just add more blockchains

27 Feb • 1hr 13m
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Show Notes

Ordinals force introspection on how initial block download ( works in bitcoin
Coinbase, a crypto exchange, is building an ETH L2 chain ( called 'base', that will be a super chain ( one day
Its built on the ETH L2 optimism (
The U.S. Federal Reserve, a central bank, confirmed its denial ( of Wyoming bank Custodia's application for a FED Master Account (
Changes to the U.S. Consumer Price Index (PCI) actually raised inflation numbers ( for 2022 in the United States
Signal, a private messaging app, calls out the magical thinking ( of the U.K.'s latest 'online child safety' law that bans end to end encryption
Bitcoin Education
Want to understand cyptography better? Try gandlaf's beginner focued ( guide
Bitcoin Optech #239 covers OP_VAULT ( and Lightning Channel qality of service flags
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55,555 sats
2 Mar
I want to thank you guys for your continuing crusade to debunk "crypto" and NFT scams which, unfortunately, are still prevalent in this space. Cory Klippsten's thesis titled "The Race to Avoid the War" crystalized in my mind the fact that there will be a huge price to pay for our inaction. Keep it coming!
5,999 sats
2 Mar
The government having all your data is one thing, but what about when it gets leaked? What about when the "bad guys" find the back door? Encryption with a back door can never be trusted. I think you guys feel the same. I just wanted to emphasize it. It really grinds my gears. Thanks for the great episode. BCDP is a highlight of my week.
2,222 sats
2 Mar
Last weeks boosts were a bit negative so I'll inject some positivity. I also went to a Bitcoin meetup and learnt about the Beef Initiative from Texas Slim. What did you learn from your meetup Dad?
2,222 sats
1 Mar
Fun fact, I can register Shady Shell LLC with less invasive K.Y.C than it takes to put a few sats in my Fountain wallet with a bank card. (Does everybody get the cavity search? It’s somehow worse over mobile!!). The whole deal kind of makes me want to register that corp so I can teach these Bit blocking Trad Fi shills a lesson in off chain finance schadenfreude but, I know it would disappoint my Bitcoin dad. So for now it’s evil dreams and better angels.
100 sats
4 Mar
great podcast. great info on how much scam is going on In the crypto world, and helping those that aren't always in the know focused on what truly matters with all the noise; which is Bitcoin.