Bitcoin is the Signal - Phil Geiger (Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast)

Bitcoin is the Signal - Phil Geiger (Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast)

THE Bitcoin Podcast

“The biggest mistake you can possibly make today is not changing your denominator to Bitcoin. If you're measuring everything in the US dollar, the euro, any other cryptocurrency, you're doing it wrong because Bitcoin is the signal. And outperforming Bitcoin is nearly impossible at this point.”

On this Bitcoin Talk episode of THE Bitcoin Podcast, Walker talks with Phil Geiger, VP of Product Marketing at Unchained.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

08:09 The Shift to Bitcoin as a Savings Technology

13:02 The Persistence of Altcoins

21:22 The Flawed Economics of Fiat Currency

32:04 The Shifting Attack Vectors on Bitcoin

36:23 Bitcoin and the Political Landscape

44:18 Bitcoin as a Political Weapon

45:41 The Controversial Nature of Bitcoin Discussions

46:16 Bitcoin as the Perfect Form of Money

47:00 Bitcoin's Fixed Supply of 21 Million

53:23 Bitcoin Halvings and the Game Theory

59:29 The Implications of the Bitcoin Halving

01:02:26 Bitcoin Mining and Energy Production

01:08:30 Bitcoin Mining and Stranded Energy

01:19:15 Bitcoin as a Solution to Broken Incentives

01:22:24 Addressing the Fear of Self-Custody

01:30:06 The Pitfalls of Single-Signature Addresses in ETFs

05:00 The Importance of Bitcoin

15:00 Bitcoin as a Store of Value

25:00 Bitcoin's Potential for Mass Adoption

35:00 The Role of Regulation in Bitcoin

45:00 Bitcoin's Impact on Financial Systems

55:00 Bitcoin's Environmental Concerns

01:05:00 Bitcoin's Role in Wealth Inequality

01:15:00 The Future of Bitcoin

01:25:00 Bitcoin's Influence on Other Cryptocurrencies

01:35:00 Book Recommendations


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