Episode 18: Cynically Saving the Children
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Episode 18: Cynically Saving the Children

May 22 2022 • 1hr 32m
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Sweet infographic shows who funds ( bitcoin development
The Problem of Etherium ( explains the changing promises of Etherium in the context of a society with class structure
Ties in nicely with Vitalik's latest cry for help (
How sweet (and brief) it is to be a top 10 coin (
New CCAF report on bitcoin mining ( has some surprising(?) opinions
Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index Change Log (
Tesla Asking Owners to Limit Charging During Texas Heatwave Isn’t a Good Sign | The Drive (
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy ( is back!
Powerfull edition, great discussion of financial surveillance
Details CBDC incentives are completely anti-privacy
Start your own local trading group (
EU plans to 'save the children' by abolishing online privacy (
Seattle Bitcoin (Seattle, WA) | Meetup (
Bitcoin Education
200th edition of bitcoin optech is out! (
OP_CAT could enable recursive bitcoin covenants - protocol work is really hard!
Rusty Russell proposed an OPTX opcode to replace Jeremey Rubin's OPCTV. His proposal is more extensible and has all of the benefits of OP_CTV
Gary Gensler: crypto exchanges trading against ( their customers, also, water still wet -> this was a broad characterization is probably wrong for some exchanges like Kraken
PSA - Umbrel is insecure (
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Some tips on running a full node:
Lopp's guide to bitcoin and tor ( setup
K3tan's excellent ubuntu nodebox guide (
A docker node option I haven't tried (
Value for Value
Podcasting 2.0 to support an indepenent podcasting ecosystem (
The Fountain ( podcast app
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Self Hosted Show ( courtesy of Jupiter Broadcasting (
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5,000 sats
May 23 2022
love getting to hear more of Chris on bitcoin. just found out about this show from the recent JB episode. thanks for all you guys are doing for the community.
5,000 sats
May 23 2022
I stumbled across this bitcoin show from Chris' clips, so glad I did, you guys rock.
2,222 sats
May 23 2022
Quack! The thread that Vitali has was very alarming and did aound like a cry for help. I do often wonder if eth will just crash within a year.
2,000 sats
May 25 2022
I heard Chris "admit" on the Unplugged Livestream recently that he's dabbling in ETH with a credit card. Why not dabble in Monero, running a node and doing a bit of mining on the P2pool? If ya want help, let me know!
500 sats
May 26 2022
Excellent episode - I disagree with the idea that electric trucks do not fit a usecase. for delivery vehicles that face constant stop and go motion, and short haul (sub 100 mile deliveries) they would have less wear and tear than dino powered, and the nature of the work lends itself well to the electric usecase. It would help if there was less regulatory capture for rail, since any distance over 500 miles should be rail - but that was captured long ago.
500 sats
May 24 2022
keep it at altcoins, gents, otherwise it is unfair to ships and sheep
proof of stake is mining and uses the same amount of resources, it’s just stuck on your cpu and network. and difficult to get hardware to accelerate. alt coins are fine. shetcoins are different, but it is needed too. just like in the stock market. there are assets you can buy cheap. sell when it goes up. and you get a better start than trying to buy or mine or faucet for your coins. yes there is a risk it’s a shell company or lieing about its product. but that doesn’t matter if you make money
5 sats
Sep 15 2022
5 sats
Sep 16 2022