Episode 21: Bitcoin Bill or Altcoin Shill?
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Episode 21: Bitcoin Bill or Altcoin Shill?

Jun 13 2022 • 1hr 33m
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Lumis & Gillibrand's massive crypto bill ( is probably not going anywhere soon but interesting:
Definite Altcoin carvouts: allows altcoins to register as 'ancillary assets' (
CFTC Chair wants BTC to become POS (
Human rights activists pen letter to congress ( in epic response/troll to last weeks 'concerned technologist's' letter (
Gary Kasparov, Navalny's org, Nigerian feminists and Gladstein
PayPal enables crypto payments (
Their explanations of 'crypto' are not terrible
Head of MIT digital currency initiate ( consulted
How did they decide on BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH?
BCH and LTC are not top 10 coins
New York Times article questions bitcoin's decentralization (
Non-peer reviewed paper makes pretty benign claims (
Takes simple facts about bitcoin out of context
Comment section is heartening, much more sophisticated than in the past
PSA: CryptoKyle identifies Cold Card bag problem/potential avenue for supplychain attack
US Treasury Secretary Yellen denies that fiscal policy ( has driven inflation up
Argument that inflation is everywhere so it couldn't be US fiscal policy alone
Chelan County creates rate 36 ( for cryptominers but it's not clear why (
Chelan County PUD Commissioner Garry Arseneault is the new President of the Washington Public Utility Districts Association.
Washington state accounted for 4% of the whole U.S. hashrate in December
close by Douglas County has stopped permitting new Bitcoin miners to arrange operations there as a result of they already eat 25% of the county’s obtainable vitality.
Salcido can maintain his Chelan facility on the decrease, high-density vitality fee if he processes information as a substitute of mining crypto. The info processing makes use of the identical quantity of energy as crypto mining, he instructed the Wenatchee World.
"Do you really want to be in the business of regulating what kind of processing happens on servers in your territory," Salcido said.
Norwegian statistics burea wants to track all supermarket purchases (
Bitcoin Education
A list of bitcoin privacy proposals ( by Seth for Privacy
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3,000 sats
Jun 16 2022
My biggest question is, what would you do to improve Bitcoin privacy? Because, as a Monero fan, that is my biggest hesitation with BTC (even though I hold some) I do not like how it enables financial spying. Chris mentioned Lightning. What does Lightning do to help?
1,337 sats
Jun 17 2022
Thanks for adding the chapters
500 sats
Jun 16 2022
what a discussion re regulating ponzicoins, I am with Dad on hopes for regulations. US has one of the better legal systems out there, there should be a legal way to stop the scams. they don't just make people loose money, they make people feel powerless and ashamed, to a degree that cost people health and lives.down with the ponzicoins!
5 sats
Sep 14 2022
5 sats
Sep 14 2022