Episode 134: ChapterGPT
Podcasting 2.0

Episode 134: ChapterGPT

26 May β€’ 2hr 39m
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Show Notes

Podcasting 2.0 May 26th 2023 Episode 134: "ChapterGPT"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - We talk about the big B24 Live Stage Presentation and Take out some anchor trash

Music By Corey Keller and Too Bit To Fail
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We are LIT, soon on fountain!
PodFriend 2.0 apparently also LIT Ready!
Fountain transcripts sorceret
Tina loves the delete all in library
Martin boosting for transcripts and cross app comments
Miljoenenverlies voor BumaStemra | BNR Nieuwsradio
YouTube RSS feeds
Google To Close Google Reader On July 1
Wired writer with a question
Dave anchor podcasts on notice
ericpp/helipad-startos Charts
Neeva shutting down
Mackie FLZ creator
remoteItem in V4V in more apps when?
MKUltra chat
Transcript Search
What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at
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Boosting: It's So Hard to Feel Alive by Corey Keller. 🎡
Dreb Scott
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26 May β€’ CurioCaster
🎡 boosting It's So Hard to Feel Alive by Corey Keller
Adam Curry
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26 May β€’ CurioCaster
Love this Track!
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1 Jun
For the hell of it
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31 May
Leila and I would like to throw our hats in the ring to speak about v4v in Nashville. Fun Fact Friday has benefitted greatly from v4v and we love a road trip.
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2 Jun
Dave & Adam, Our dynamic duo who make greasing the wheels of the spit & sawdust machine that is the Podcast Index look easy. Large language models and podcasting are a match made in Heaven. Assure yourselves that every deployment of artificial intelligence that matches perfectly to podcasting will be covered by ai DOT cooking podcast. News items expertly recounted then coloured by GWFF with deft deconstruction and honest humour, let collaborative automation ease your heavy lifting. Yo!-CSB
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29 May
Adding another 529 to my usual 25k for my Memorial Day boost while at the lake. Beep bop-ba doo
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29 May
Would love to help with the v4v panel in Nashville! I'm putting together a v4v presentation for our own Bitcoin block party here in KC next month. Can speak to the podcasting aspect, liveItem tag and the music aspect, plus I could drive out so you dont need to burn a plane ticket!
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27 May
What Dave shared about siloed content (comments, ratings) across the 'closed podcasting' ecosystem blew my mind. Can you imagine how many meetings and how much $ those companies spent to "break down silos in the organization" while having a prime directive to create silos? It is the nature of the beast. If you come across this beast in the wild, and it has missed a few meals (e.g. quarterly earnings reports), it will eat you. Like Adam said, the only way is to say fk'em and build decentralized.
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29 May
I'm disappointed that Wavlake operates as a walled garden. The spirit of decentralized music is anyone can publish a feed and have their content available on the various apps in the ecosystem. When AbleKirby and I released Stay Awhile on Christmas Eve 2020, it was with splits and lyrics supported. With Wavlake there are no splits, no support for lyrics, and if we wanted our music available there we would have to reupload it to their servers and make a duplicate feed. Open hosting is the way!
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28 May
Would love to come on and talk about our transcripts implementation and how we can share user paid for transcripts back to the feed!
Todd from Northern VA
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27 May β€’ Podcast Index
All hell is gonna break loose, and you're gonna need a bitcoin.
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2 Jun
preboosting before the June 2nd show since I'll miss the live chat action for the week. Summer is underway!
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2 Jun
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27 May
Love the Conference ideas!
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27 May
Dang that Bitcoin 2024 conference sounds really appealing. I plan to be travelling at that time as well .... πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—
very appealing!
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31 May
Money printer go brrrr. Can’t get enough.
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27 May
Great Show!
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31 May β€’ Podcast Index
PeerTube 5.2 Release Candidate supports value block directly in PeerTube RSS stream at both channel and episode level. Props to Agates for all his work in getting the changes made to PeerTube.
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30 May
Great post