BR034 - Nostr Taking off! Catch-up with NVK ft. Fiatjaf, JB55, Pablo & Odell
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BR034 - Nostr Taking off! Catch-up with NVK ft. Fiatjaf, JB55, Pablo & Odell

26 Apr • 2hr 4m
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Show Notes

I'm joined by guests Fiatjaf, William Casarin, Pablo & Odell to discuss Nostr.

Timecodes coming soon.

00:01:29 Guest introductions
00:01:55 How far have things come with nostr?
00:06:46 Ability to remove yourself from a client (Damus)
00:09:08 Notes and highlighting on nostr- 00:15:39 Displaying notes
00:21:52 Short notes and long notes
00:26:28 DMs on nostr
00:34:20 NIP-05 verifications
00:36:53 Consensus on nostr and breaking changes
00:45:31 Onlyzaps and NIP-47
00:52:33 NIP-15 nostr marketplace
01:00:47 Search, indexing and discoverability
01:12:50 Nostr safe spaces- 01:14:16 File headers
01:23:55 Calendars on nostr
01:28:41 Key delegation/revocation
01:38:16 RSS feeds (nostr RSS replacement?)
01:43:58 Notifications and subscriptions
01:47:34 Funding
01:55:34 Roundup and final thoughts

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3 May
stay humble, stack sats
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30 Apr
nostr sounds interesting
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27 Apr
Fantastic panel, thanks guys!
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27 Apr
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1 Aug
check out simplex chat
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28 Apr
great show guys appreciate the work. ☢️
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3 May
Bullish on Nostr 💜
500 sats
28 Apr
I like Zappable instead of highlighter or zapworthy
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30 May
Time and time again NVK shows his Apple fanboy-ism. ;) I don’t care what he says about the Apple podcast app, Fountain is the best!
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30 Apr
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27 Apr
great ep!