Episode 62: It's my trial and I'll tamper if I want to...
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Episode 62: It's my trial and I'll tamper if I want to...

7 Feb • 56m
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Show Notes

SBF doesn't want his bail conditions to prevent him from tampering with potential witnesses ( in the case against him
Strike to expand app for US remitances to the Phillipenes (, which is nearly $1bn a month
Mullvad sounds the alarm ( on EU 'save the children' mass surveillance that might interfere with open source licenses
Shoutout to No BS Bitcoin ( for the article
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin optech #236 introduces serverless payjoin (
The proposal is to use noise protocol ( to implement p2p payjoin directly connecting user wallet
Ordinals are on chain NFS ( or digital artifacts, on bitcoin
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4,200 sats
11 Feb
insta boost for the dad
2,222 sats
11 Feb
even though I only understand a small portion of Jeff Snider's podcast.. I strangely enjoy hearing his thesis too.
1,500 sats
10 Feb
Take my Fountain sats. Thanks for all the work you do on this show, they just keep getting better. I’ve been going back and listening to the other episodes again, and am getting more out of them with the knowledge I’ve gained from the subsequent episodes. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Glad I can give a little value back, small though it may be. :)
1,111 sats
7 Feb
Best episode titles in podcasting!
1,111 sats
10 Feb
Thanks for the run down on Ordinals Dad. My general thoughts are that if it's possible to do on the network then there should be no moral qualms against people doing it (like Satoshi Dice back in the day). But I'm not set in stone on this, what are your thoughts?
11 Feb
100% agree Kyrin