Episode 70: Derivative enforcement leaves few options...
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Episode 70: Derivative enforcement leaves few options...

2 Apr • 1hr 2m
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Show Notes

Silk Road Crypto Sale: US Govt Sells 9,800 BTC, Aims to Offload 41,500 More (
CZ, CEO of Binance the world's largest crypto exchange, is being sued by the CFTC (, the U.S body that regulates commodity futures markets, alleging that CZ and Binance skirted derivatives laws and catered to U.S. customers while pretending to bar them from the platform
China may also be going after ( Binance due to the bans on cryptocurrency trading on the mainland
Some more schadenfreude ( from crypto skeptic Amy Castor
Economics and Banking
A history of the US-Saudia debt recycling deal ( from Bloomberg, a financial news company
Saudi Arabia reduces 36.7% of its holdings of US treasury securities in two years (
Learn more by reading a history of modern energy politics and money ( by Helen Thompson
Bitcoin Education
Bitcoin Optech #244 covers multiparty channels ( and channel factories (
Remember to get in touch or @bitcoindadpod ( on twitter
Consider joining the matrix channel ( using a matrix client like element (, details here (
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defnotskynet sugests looking at lifecycle emissions studies ( to understand the methodology of grading energy sources by emission
Meremortals wanted to learn more about bitcoin energy usage calculations, so check out the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (
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50,000 sats
3 Apr
Found you from a clip posted on Fountain. Great conversation 🙂👍
11,111 sats
5 Apr
I had two experiences with lightning this week. One was effortlessly onboarding a friend with near instantaneous payments like magic, I was the slow point in the chain! The other was having a node fail when your huge ballerboost came in Chris (so much appreciated 🥰). She can be a cruel mistress haha
2,222 sats
3 Apr
hey guys, who do you think will be the first big nation to adopt/integrate BTC? I can't see Russia or China giving their people that much freedom even if it opens up options for their trade. I wonder if the US would give in as the dollar is looking less attractive for international trade and settle for controlling the large US on ramps. maybe the EU or India?
2,222 sats
3 Apr
You're bang on with the Gold ETF proxy argument. I used to own Perth Mint (PMGOLD) as exposure to it. They are dodgy to say the least. Woke up one day to find they somehow had taken one of my shares, with no communication, as an administrative cost or some BS. Also check out the recent scandal of them sending diluted gold to China. All benefits are lost unless you self custody and that is hard nowadays. #bitcoinfixesthis
250 sats
4 Apr
my favorite podcast on Fountain!!!!