NVK: BITCOIN IS WINNING (stop worrying) - Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast

NVK: BITCOIN IS WINNING (stop worrying) - Bitcoin Talk on THE Bitcoin Podcast

THE Bitcoin Podcast

"look what we have now, it's like literally death. The US dollar is like extremely toxic, right? It bombs countries every time it needs a pump. So you know like just moving from like you know bomb based monetary system to like you know voluntary based imperfect system, it's already like again a million times win."

On this Bitcoin Talk episode of THE Bitcoin Podcast, Walker talks with NVK.


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NVK's Links:

Nostr: https://primal.net/nvk

X: https://twitter.com/nvk

Bitcoin Review Podcast: https://twitter.com/BitcoinReviewHQ



NOSTR: https://primal.net/walker





Website: https://bitcoinpodcast.net/


04:00 Introduction and Background

06:12 The Significance of Bitcoin

07:32 The Impact of Having Children

09:08 The Current State of Bitcoin Adoption

10:40 The Future of Noster and E-Cash

13:27 The Waves of Bitcoin Adoption

15:14 The Potential of Nostr

16:50 The Benefits of Unleashed.Chat

19:29 The Open Source Models of AI

27:37 Bitcoin for Anyone, Not Everyone

30:05 The Changing Landscape of TradFi

33:21 The Winning Nature of Bitcoin

36:02 The Importance of Savers

39:10 Debates and Upgrades in Bitcoin

40:29 The Value of Running Old Nodes

41:00 Bitcoin's Lack of Officiality

42:53 The Complexity of Bitcoin Dynamics

43:33 The Role of Economic Nodes

45:29 The Economic Power of Dumping Forks

46:11 Historical Precedence of Forks Trending Towards Zero

46:35 Activation Methods and Economic Nodes

47:44 Transaction Validation Throughput and Fork Support

48:08 Game Theory and Economic Incentives

50:40 The Futility of Rare Sats and Ownership

51:44 Understanding CTV and Covenants

59:26 The Market's Ability to Work Itself Out

01:01:52 The Future of AI Compute and Bitcoin Payments

01:06:47 Exciting Developments in Bitcoin Tech

01:14:12 Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin Space


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