Read_736 - Is Your Money Safe during the Banking Crisis, Part 1 [Brad Mills]

Read_736 - Is Your Money Safe during the Banking Crisis, Part 1 [Brad Mills]

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"Price inflation is the highest it’s been in decades. Labor participation is the lowest it’s been in decades. Wealth inequality is continually going in the wrong direction since 1971 and has accelerated during the QE period. The  bond markets are more volatile now than they have been in decades, and 2022 was the worst year for stocks and bonds since 1920. The ballooning of the money supply and growth of the debt-based monetary system is not a left versus right phenomenon — at least in America — both sides have presided over the destruction of the dollar’s purchasing power and the weakening of the banking system." Brad Mills

If the entire banking system is insolvent, if the fictional reserve banking means none of our deposits really exist, and we are in the midst of a potentially global banking crisis still unfolding, what does it mean for the money we have in the bank? What does it mean for our access, and for its purchasing power? And of course, what role does Bitcoin play in all of this? Don't miss this incredible breakdown of what is happening to our deposits by Brad Mills. Starting with Part 1...

For the tons of extra data and sources to give the visual comparisons and tell the "story" of all this as it plays out, I highly encourage you to visit the link below to get a sense of what has been happening. Part 2 is coming soon, stay tuned:

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"When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind." — C.S. Lewis

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