1559 - "COBALT"
No Agenda

1559 - "COBALT"

28 May • 3hr 2m
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No Agenda Episode 1559 - "COBALT"

Executive Producers:
Mark Pugner
Dame Stephanie Francis
Ashley Karalis
Jerrod H
Shane Rugg
Uncle Theodore
Rich wb4ehg
Elizabeth Risold
David Keckta
Amy Zipkin
Sir Tooth Fairy
Christopher Brown
Sir Fodfather
Associate Executive Producers:
Julian Erickson
Baron Anonymous Cop
Dame Lisa of Ahmic
Lydia Terry
Lubertus Dries Klaassen
Nathan Parker
Sir Dixbert
Sir Timothy
Sarah Jardin
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Title Changes
Black Dame Loca > Black Dame Loca, The Baroness of Borosilicate
Knights & Dames
Lisa Lynch > Dame Lisa of Ahmic
Art By: Parker Paulie
End of Show Mixes: Steve Jones - Roelfy - Sir Seatsitter - Micah Tyler
Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry
Mark van Dijk - Systems Master
Ryan Bemrose - Program Director
Back Office Jae Dvorak
Chapters: Dreb Scott
Clip Custodian: Neal Jones
Clip Collectors: Steve Jones & Dave Ackerman
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everyone slurping DeSantis juice over his anti-woke virtue signalling, yet nobody is asking him about his promoting the injections, his fake grand jury theater, his signing law in 2021 that includes a provision for FORCED vaccinations, his questionable time at Gitmo, his signing an anti free speech law in a foreign nation (that benefits same nation) among other things. But who am I to think he needs to answer for some fucked up shit when clearly Disney is the biggest issue we face.
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ITM you smashing lads. you glorious gents. you lords amongst men.
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respect for other people's ancestors.. nothing to do with halleluja.. same as you don't go turn over gravestones.
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