SNL #69: Where’s K00b?!?! with Super Testnet
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SNL #69: Where’s K00b?!?! with Super Testnet

27 May • 46m
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Join Car and Keyan to discuss Stacker News top posts, Car & Keyan's favorite posts of the week, and top stackers.Show notes by: @SatoshiNakanodoIN THiS WEEKS EPISODE:

00:00 @SuperTestnet fills in after @K00b vanishes, leaving his kitty cat all alone.

01:32 Amboss sells customer data to 3rd parties. It’s all spelled out in their Privacy Policy but stackers still no like. Meanwhile, 100% of this post’s sats are forwarded to @K00b. Coincidence??

12:40 Introducing Ark; a 2nd layer protocol for making cheap, anonymous, off-chain Bitcoin payments, by Burak. Also, Dyson vacuums suck.

17:33 Fedi Alpha is available for testing on Signet.

21:30 What got you to be Bitcoin-only? @SuperTestnet reveals he is still using fiat. It gets worse… he also owned ETH for a week.

27:36 For better or worse, President Bukele cleaned up El Salvador’s gang problem.

33:46 Pizza slices! Top Story, hand picked by @ThrillerX_

37:10 Zap yourself with this dope ass Nostr widget! Top Story, hand picked by @SuperTestnet

42:35 @SuperTestnet spills the beans on how to get the coveted Stacker News cowboy hat. @ThrillerX_ can’t hardly believe it. @K00b is gonna be so mad.
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20,000 sats
31 May
Always so interesting to listen to Super. His take on Bukele is a bad one but he is fun to listen to