93: Higher Infinite Power
Moe Factz with Adam Curry

93: Higher Infinite Power

30 Aug • 3hr 12m
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Show Notes

Moe Factz with Adam Curry for August 30th 2023, Episode number 93 - "Higher Infinite Power"

Moe and Adam bring you part one of the history of Hip Hop
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Chapter Architect: Dreb Scott
Big Ballers
Anthony Raimondo
Trenton Scovell
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Anthony Raimondo
Trenton Scovell
The American
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Jamie Palacios
Mahingus Silver
Mike Dacre
Ryan Tierney
Tajvia Willis
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Intro: Soul of Mischief - 93 'Til infinity - 20 seconds
Outro: Kendrick Lamar - For Sale - For Sale Interlude 15 seconds
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99,999 sats
12 Sep
Hey Moe, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and educating the children of our future. Adam, Thank you for helping in the creation of this podcast show. Praise the podcast, Father!
50,000 sats
19 Sep
gonna miss these
38,383 sats
30 Aug
Welome back 🙏🏿
33,333 sats
1 Sep
33,000 sats
1 Sep
thank you Mo and Adam.
25,000 sats
23 Sep
How many boosts will it take to keep the podcasts flowing to 1000?
25,000 sats
8 Sep
I'm sad to hear you're winding down. I have really enjoyed these conversations. This has been a fantastic episode. Have this value to hopefully help you get off to a good start in your next phase.
21,012 sats
1 Sep
damn im gonna miss this show when ya go. props to both you guys
9,393 sats
31 Aug
93 til Infinity boost. 'How you act, walk, look and talk is all part of Hip Hop culture. And the music is colorless. Hip Hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red and white.' - Afrika Bambata #iamhiphop #itsbiggerthanhiphop
8,008 sats
2 Sep
7,777 sats
30 Aug
boosting 4 the fsctz
5,000 sats
31 Aug
Well aint this a treat, lets go!
4,321 sats
31 Aug
Cross Movement
3,333 sats
27 Sep
Can’t wait till episode 94 drops.
1,234 sats
30 Aug
guess who’s back! back again! guess who’s back! tell a friend!
1,111 sats
31 Aug
'rich me...' didnt do anything for me either. wasnt horrible but I dont get all the hype.
1,111 sats
31 Aug
Yay! Thank you for this new episode!
1,011 sats
6 Sep
keep clearing the air. love you both GBG
404 sats
6 Sep
much love
333 sats
31 Aug
please take all my SATs
333 sats
31 Aug
for THE MOST INFORMATIVE podcast I've heard in a long time
333 sats
7 Sep
Amazing show as always
200 sats
31 Aug
welcome back
There is a reason why we miss Moe when he quits at show 100 - this show 😊
111 sats
31 Aug
Moe karma! More episodes! ITM!
111 sats
31 Aug
Educational episode, thank you once again.
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