1534 - "The Chit"
No Agenda

1534 - "The Chit"

Mar 2 2023 • 3hr 4m

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No Agenda Episode 1534 - "The Chit"

"The Chit"
Executive Producers:
Sir Otaku
Sir Enian, knight of the Brine Bovines
Sir JK in Green Bay, knight of the entertaining kerfuffle
Sir Lee, Knight of the Georgia Big Wood
Walkeman Duke of Ohio
Lindsay Wilson
Dame Jennifer
Robert Barnes
Sir Addison
Associate Executive Producers:
Garrett Fatheree
Sir Gene Naftulyev Duke of Texas
Dame Finger Mole
Danielle Parks
Gail Goldsmith
Liam Pelot
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Knights & Dames
Kiki > Dame Kiki Of the Dakotas
James Niemeyer > Sir Enian, knight of the Brine Bovines.
Jason Keyser > Sir JK in Green Bay, knight of the entertaining kerfuffle
Lee Rhodes > Sir Lee, Knight of the Georgia Big Wood
Art By: Dame Kenny-Ben
End of Show Mixes: Steve Jones - Neal Jones - Prof JJ
Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry
Mark van Dijk - Systems Master
Ryan Bemrose - Program Director
Back Office Jae Dvorak
Chapters: Dreb Scott
Clip Custodian: Neal Jones
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19,760 sats
Mar 3 2023
This podcast is "The Chit"...
12,345 sats
5 Mar
get some
10,000 sats
3 Mar
started listening on 2.5x just to even things out with the ex-2x listeners
6,969 sats
5 Mar • Podcast Index
Cross app Comment zaps, stupid idea or brilliant way to easily leverage the Nostr buzz? It was pretty straightforward to implement in PeerTube using the LUD16 field.
5,000 sats
3 Mar
John turn down your speakers!
5,000 sats
Mar 2 2023
3,333 sats
Mar 3 2023
⚡️⚡️ Chit Boost! ⚡️⚡️
3,333 sats
4 Mar
ITM gentlemen. another superb episode of the best podcast in the universe
750 sats
5 Mar
nice rip
500 sats
3 Mar
I’m still hanging on to the idea that the covids were released to squash the Hong Kong protests… just like these stats are squashing any idea of an exit strategy!
369 sats
Mar 3 2023
333 sats
3 Mar
rental cars to me, are something to have fun with .... so i got into a wreck .... :D [ 1:20:30 ] JCD OG
250 sats
Mar 3 2023
111 sats
Mar 3 2023
don't forget to add Moe Factz to your list of v4v podcasts
111 sats
Mar 3 2023
In the morning!
111 sats
Mar 3 2023
111 sats
Mar 3 2023
v4v works!
100 sats
3 Mar
Thank you for your courage
thanks Uncle Adam & Uncle John