Rabbit Hole Recap #241: It's All So Tiresome
Rabbit Hole Recap

Rabbit Hole Recap #241: It's All So Tiresome

23 Feb • 2hr 9m
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Show Notes

This week Marty and Matt discuss

bluewallet shutting down default lightning wallet april 30th

marco falke stepping down as maintainer

tropic square open source secure elements completes first round of testing

OP_Vault proposal

Congressman Tom Emmer introduces anti CBDC bill

blastr nostr relay implementation

twitter launches “coins”

freedom money ep 4

nashville energy and mining summit panels released to podcast feed

coinbase launches shitcoin layer 2 network “base”

0:00 - Is Last of Us the first good video game adaptation?
4:24 - Mandibles Mandibles Mandibles interview
7:59 - Dashboard interrupted by real estate shower thoughts
19:10 - Marty sets up to lose some sats
20:41 - Blue Wallet closing custodial lightning
34:44 - Twitter vs Nostr
43:58 - Marco Falke steps down
54:30 - OP_VAULT and speedy trial
1:13:50 - Tom Emmer anti-CBDC bill
1:29:00 - Mutiny Wallet Blastr
1:32:57 - Freedom Money episode 4
1:34:27 - Bitcoin Park Mining Summit podcast release
1:35:50 - Coinbase Base
1:40:00 - Flow 2.0
1:42:58 - Shoutouts and Booatagrams
1:55:06 - Marty pays up

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100,000 sats
25 Feb
stay humble stack sats. I tested out Damus, not sure if I have e right relays. I tried messaging the two of you. wanted to let you know I’m planning on checking out bitcoin park for the March meet ups.
77,777 sats
28 Feb
Fuck the FATF. Also, pay your taxes freaks. Also, fuck the fucking FATF.
69,069 sats
24 Feb
I'm going to tell Hillary Clinton that Faketoshi has information that will lead to her arrest
15,000 sats
1 Mar
The banter and signal you guys provide is unmatched. Keep bringing the heat. Odell, can we get a Barry update?
7,777 sats
24 Feb
The Mandibles
5,000 sats
24 Feb
6 hours on x2 speed
4,567 sats
24 Feb
Just to be Clear, Be Aware Freaks. Stay Humble, Stack Sats.
2,000 sats
24 Feb
Farty Bent and Fat Odell
Jade Boar
2,000 sats
24 Feb • Breez
I hope you guys pull a Tom Brady and unretire.
1,234 sats
24 Feb
1,111 sats
25 Feb
1,000 sats
27 Feb • Breez
fuck csw
1,000 sats
24 Feb
Great rip. Stay humble, stack sats. Marty is right about porn.
500 sats
24 Feb
500 sats
24 Feb
Another great rip fellas...but I'm saving the bulk of this week's donation allocation for Citidel Dispatch. MANDIBLES🤘🏼
500 sats
27 Feb
Mandibles! Find stranded natural gas in nigeria.
210 sats
24 Feb
thanks for the signal
100 sats
24 Feb
This was a great Rip guys. So many clips I want to make from this one. Thanks as always for the Quality Rips guys ⚡
awesome clip! thanks 🙏 for simplifying BTC for me